Порода свиней Польско-Китайская
Польско-Китайские свиньи, Poland China Pigs


Польско-Китайская порода свиней сального направления. Выведена путём сложного воспроизводительного скрещивания. По данным П. Н. Кулешова, основой образования породы послужили помеси Русской длинноухой свиньи и Англ. длинноухой свиньи с китайской; впоследствии эти помеси были улучшены Беркширской и Крупной Ирландской породой.

Отличительные особенности Польско-Китайской породы - Голова небольшая с очень малым изгибом профиля (почти прямая), это позволяет животным использовать низкорастущую растительность; направленные вперёд уши полусвислые, с лопоухими концами, закрывающими глаза, что делает Польско-Китайских свиней более спокойными, снижает % вытаптывания ими травы и т. д.; спина широкая, крепкая, слегка аркообразная, рёбра крутые, окорока хорошо выполнены. Свиньи Польско-Китайской породы, чёрной масти в белых "чулках", с белым кончиком хвоста и белой отметиной на морде.


Живой вес взрослых хряков Польско-Китайской породы, в среднем - 300-320 кг, маток 210-270 кг. Свиньи польско-китайской породы обладают большой скороспелостью и способностью к откорму: в 6 - 7-месячном возрасте откормочники достигают живого веса 110 - 115 кг; ср. убойный вес при мясосальном откорме 84,7% и доходит даже до 86%; оплата корма высокая. К числу недостатков породы следует отнести малую плодовитость: 7 - 9 поросят на опорос; отдельные матки приносят 10 поросят и больше.

Польско-Китайская порода распространена в США и составляет там 40% всего поголовья племенных свиней. В Россию завозили этой породы в ограниченном количестве, и они оказали некоторое влияние на образование Ливенской породы.


Poland China Pigs

The "scientific name for Pig (Sus scrofa)", the wild swine (Boar) from the old world with a narrow body and prominent tusks is from where most domestic swine come from and introduced in United States and bred to what we have as today's pig. The "fear of pigs Swinophobia". The Poland China Pig is a domestic pig breed that has been derived from several breeds of pig developed in the mid 1800,s in Warren and Butler counties and Miami Valley, Ohio of the United States, by the breeding of Polish pigs, Big Chinas, Hampshire and Berkshire. This domestic Poland China Pig is initially bred in the year 1816 in the Miami Valley in Ohio in the United States. The Poland China Pig breed is the oldest pig breed in America. The Poland China Pig breeds rank highest in pork production in the United States in terms of pounds (kilograms) of hog for every sow for each year that was recorded at 2550 pounds (1,157 kg).


The Poland China breed has a medium to large-sized body Male Poland China male (boar) pigs weigh between 550 and 800 pounds (250 to 363 kg) and the Poland China female (Sow) pigs weigh between 500 and 650 pounds (226 to 295 kg). Has a white nose. The Poland China Pig breeds are normally black in color with six white patches on feet, face and switch with an irregular spray of white on the body. The Poland China Pig are recognized for their large size and floppy ears. The Poland China Pig breed is indomitable among different breeds of pigs for the feature of maximum weight at any recognized age. The Poland China Pig are recognized for having very considerable bone and for being sound in their legs and feet. The Poland China Pig breed is very prolific, and litters between 16 and 17 pigs is quite common. However, the female Poland China pigs are usually so big and even sided that they made deprived mothers and overlaid several pigs the initial few days after farrowing. The Poland China Pig breed has established its status and continues popular in commercial hog surroundings attests to the truth that it is a pig breed not to be condemned for the failure to raise big, suitable litters.



Poland China Pig breeds are extremely calm in their dispositions and are rough in their organizations. The Poland China Pig breeds are outstanding feeders and they gain willingly under good care and administration conditions. The male and female Poland China Pigs do extremely well in practical, money-making attributes significant to profitable pork manufacture. The natural reliability, a durable, strong structure and the aptitude to become accustomed to nearly any surroundings make these pigs adaptable from meadow huts to entire confinement operations. The female Poland China Pigs of this breed stay in tough conditions, litter after litter, and do well in the farrowing home in a better fashion.


The usual lifetime of the Poland China domestic pig is six to 10 years, but some health issues can lessen their long life. Yard and farm pigs are much bigger than their ancestors and untamed pigs. The Poland China domestic pigs that are bred to increase the weight quickly can develop joint and leg complications, including health problems connected to surplus weight. These difficulties can lessen the lifespan of the breed by one or two years.

Facts of Pigs

In the world there is about 2 billion pigs in the world. Poland China Pigs are very intelligent, not like everybody thinks, that they are dumb animals. Poland China Pigs are omnivores like humans, an omnivores, (definition-they eat both other animals and plants). The pig’s snout is its most important tool for finding food. The Poland China Pigs snout is used for their excellent sense of smell.

Poland China Pigs are raised for there meat such as ham, sausage, bacon and pork chops. Pigs can make great pets. A wild pig is called a (boar) that lives in the wild and can be hunted. Feral pigs (means wild) can be a very big danger where humans habitat. Poland China Pigs can carry a variety of diseases and can pass them to humans. Pigs have small lungs compared to their body size.

Swine: is any variety of omnivorous, even-toed ungulates of the family Suidae, this includes hogs, boars and pigs having a short neck, thick skin a movable snout and a stout body. Poland China Pigs unlike is said, happen to be very clean animals. Pigs make sure their bathroom area is far away from where they eat Lie down, rest even piglets (baby pigs) will find a place to go to the bathroom, far away from their nest.

The four feet of the Poland China Pig are called "trotters" that humans eat as a delicacy called pigs feet or pigs knuckles. A pigs foot has four toes that are pointed downwards when the pig walks it walks on the tips of its toes, rather than its whole foot and only uses two of the toes and the outside toes for balance. The Poland China Pig has tougher feet at the ends are hooves. The two toes in the middle of the foot are slightly webbed helps the pigs balance for walking.

Poland China Pigs have 44 teeth when full grown, when they are baby pigs (piglets) the have 28 teeth which will fall at when they are 12 months old. Just like human teeth, the Poland China Pig has an enamel coating that makes the pigs teeth stronger and helps it curb disease. Poland China Pigs chew their food because pigs have a digestive system similar to a human digestive system and cannot digest food that is not chewed.

A pig is the last of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac. The pig is represents, happiness, honesty, fortune and virility in China. The number of baby's that a pig has is 6 to 12 and they are called (piglets). A female adult pig is called a (sow) and the male adult pig is called a (boar).

A Pig can drink 14 gallons of water in a day. The Mini Maialino is the smallest breed of pig. Truffle Mushroom hunters in France and Italy use pigs to hunt Truffle Mushrooms because of there keen sense of smell, the problem is that, sometimes if the hunter doesn't grab the mushrooms in time, the pig will eat it. Sometimes certain dogs are used instead of pigs.


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